Historical Images of Porter County

Kankakee River (also known as Marble Ditch)

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Camp Rest A While, Burrows' Camp

Dredge on Kankakee, Burrows Camp

Burrows' Camp

Starting from Burrow's Camp

Headed for Burrows Camp

High Water at Burrows Camp

Burrows' Camp, Long Distance Dive

Kankakee River Homesteaders

Benkie Buoy at Baum's Bridge

Benkie Landing

Donley's Hotel

Louisville Gun Club

Collier's Club House

Club House, Baum's Bridge

Collier's Club House, Baum's Bridge

Collier's Now, 1965

Beautiful Bend, Kankakee River

Kankakee River from Hebron Bridge

 Kankakee River at Hebron

Eagle Bayou, Kankakee River

Sunshine and Shadow, Kankakee River

Camp Hebron

Camp Hebron

Crowd of Crown Pointers

Boat Landing

Poling Down the Bayou

Kankakee River Hunting Party

Kankakee Shoreline

Morehouse and Smith

Foglis' Place near Shelby

Fogli Hotel near Shelby

Kankakee River Bridge at Shelby

Kankakee River Bridge

Broken Dam near Schneider

Pond Lillies

River Scene

Baum's Bridge

Baum's Bridge

Baum's Bridge

View of Baum's Bridge

Baum's Bridge Today, 1965

River Bridge, Highway 49

Dunn's Bridge Under Construction

Dunn's Bridge

Auto Race, Dunn's Bridge

Dunn's Bridge at Burrows Camp

Dunn's Bridge

Dunns' Bridge, Burrows' Camp

Dunn's Bridge Near Burrows Camp

Dunn's Bridge

Dunn's Bridge at Burrows Camp

Dunn's Bridge

Dunn's Bridge

Kankakee River View

Kankakee River Bridge, Hebron

New Hebron DeMotte Bridge


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