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Civilian Conservation Corps

The United States Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) was designed as a public work relief program for young men between the ages of 17 and 28 who found difficulty in obtaining employment during the Great Depression. The program operated from 1933 to 1942. The majority of CCC work focused on transportation construction and improvement, flood control, forest fire protection and suppression, and the protection and enhancement of natural resources. Upon entrance into the CCC, men were assigned to a camp that usually focused on a particular type of work.

Many CCC camps throughout the United States published camp newsletters and newspapers. Copies of numerous issues of two publications from a Porter County CCC camp were preserved, however, which provide a glimpse into the everyday life of the young men employed by the camp. These issues can be accessed by viewing the Civilian Conservation Corps Publications webpage.

Porter County Herald

The Genealogy Department of the Porter County Public Library provides an index of genealogical information published in the Porter County Herald from 1933 to 1937.

Transcribed Newspaper Items

Liberty Township Newspaper Transcriptions, 1884-1900

We have a collection of additional transcribed Porter County newspaper items that will be posted here shortly. Please come back again to see what items have been added to the website.

Indiana State Library Collection

The Indiana State Library maintains a large number of Porter County newspapers in their collection. Most of these newspapers are microfilmed and can be ordered through your local library through interlibrary loan services.

ProQuest's Newspapers in Microfilm

ProQuest, a commercial firm that sells newspapers in microfilm format, includes several Porter County newspapers in their product line [newspaper information]. These newspapers include:

Newspaper City Start
Western Ranger Valparaiso 1847 1849 62988
Practical Observer Valparaiso 1849 1952 62987
Porter County Vidette Valparaiso 1874 1885 62986
Evening Messenger Valparaiso 1907 1916 62985
Daily Vidette Valparaiso 1906 1927 62984
Chesterton Tribune (weekly) Chesterton 1882 1961 62740
Chesterton Tribune (daily) Chesterton 1961 present 61416


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