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Query Sources

Two major query services exist that provide message board forums that allow an individual to post questions concerning Porter County people and places. These services also allow a place to post information that one believes others may find useful in their genealogy and family history research. Both services are available free of charge. Please note that these services are independent of the Porter County GenWeb website, and that questions concerning Porter County are not posted directly on this website.

Rootweb.com/Ancestry.com - Porter County Message Board
The Porter County query board on Rootsweb/Ancestry Both allow for one to subscribe and automatically receive new messages as they are posted on the site.

To subscribe to this query board, simply click on one of the two links below. The first link provides a list version of messages that are delivered as they are posted. The second link provides a digest version of messages that consolidates messages over a set time period and delivers them as a group of messages. Clicking on either link will automatically open a new, pre-addressed message in your email client software. Simply click send and you will soon receive a subscription confirmation message.

    Subscribe to INPORTER-L (list version)
    Subscribe to INPORTER-D (digest version)

To unsubscribe from either subscription version simply follow the same process as above, but use one of the two links below.

    Unsubscribe to INPORTER-L (list version)
    Unsubscribe to  INPORTER-D (digest version)

Genealogy.com's GenForum- Porter County Message Board
Although Genealogy.com's GenForum does not provide a subscription service to their Porter County query board, you can add the board to a internally linked "My GenForum" list of boards that you visit often on GenForum. This link, called "Add this forum to My GenForum" is located near the bottom of the message board.


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