Historical Images of Porter County

Valparaiso, Indiana - Homes, Part 3

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Residence, J. C. Carson

Residence, J. E. Roessler

Residence, J. F. Talcott

Residence, J. H. McGill

Residence, Reverend J. H. O. Smith

Residence, J. H. Patrick

Residence, J. L. Conover

Residence, J. W. Seib

Residence, John W. Seib

Residence, James M. McFetrich

Residence, James McNay

Residence, Charles Kirkpatrick

Residence, George S. Haste

Residence, J. A. McConahy

Residence, Professor J. N. Roe

Residence, J. S. Louderback

Residence, W. H. Williams

Residence, Jesse Wise

Residence, Mrs. Jim Leonard

Residence, Joe Decker

Residence, Joseph Decker

Residence, John Clifford

Residence, Interior View, John Clifford

Residence, John Sievers

Residence, John Tofte

Residence, L. H. Coplin

Residence, L. L. Letherman

Residence, L. M. Pierce

Residence, L. Wheeler

Residence, Lafayette Baum

Residence, Lew Horn

Residence, M. A. McNiece

Residence, Mrs. M. J. Brewer

Residence, M. L. McClelland

Residence, Professor M. L. Weemes

Residence, Mace Long

Residence, Honorable N. L. Agnew

Residence, A. B. Christie

Residence, A. D. Bartholomew

Residence, A. W. Lytle


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