Historical Images of Porter County

Valparaiso, Indiana - Homes, Part 1

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Residence, T. J. Merrifield

Residence, Mrs. A. J. Buel

Residence, D. F. Skinner

Residence, M. L. McClelland

Residence, A. A. Hughart

Residence, A. E. Woodhull

Residence, A. H. Heineman

Residence, A. J. Fehrman

Residence, A. J. Zorn

Residence, A. L. Collins

Residence, Al LeBrecque

Residence, Andrew Bickel

Residence, Arthur Finney

Residence, Asa Talbott

Residence, Ben Smith

Residence, C. B. Tinkham

Residence, C. D. Nuppnau

Residence, C. H. DeWitt

Residence, C. H. Marine

Residence, C. Marine

Residence, C. J. Kern

Residence, C. J. Kern

Residence, C. W. Bartholomew

Residence, The Misses Carrol

Residence, Charles Childs

Residence, Charles F. Lembke

Residence, Charles Ragan

Residence, Claus Specht

Residence, C. F. Specht

Residence, Charles Stoner

Residence, Clarence Martin

Residence, J. R. Heeb

Residence, John Hauff

Residence, L. S. Higley

Residence, O. H. Powers

Residence, O. W. Thomas

Clifford Home

Cunningham Residence

Residence, D. E. Kelly

Residence, D. E. Kelly

Residence, D. E. Kelly

Residence, D. E. Simons

Residence, De Forest Skinner

Residence, Don Salyer


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