Historical Images of Porter County

Valparaiso, Indiana - Businesses

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Academy Block

Empire Hall

Billings Bakery, East Main Street

Billings Bakery, Interior

Bloch's Steam Laundry

M. E. Bogarte Book Company

L. D. Bondy Block

Calumet Hotel

Foster Lumber & Coal

Culbert-Hutchison Company

Chicago Mica Company

Chicago Mica Company

Valparaiso City Hall and State Bank

City Hall and State Bank

Chautauqua Manufacturing Company

Diamond Pharmacy

Diamond Pharmacy

Valparaiso Storefronts

Valparaiso Storefront

Elk's Home No. 500

Elks Temple

Elks Temple

Elks Temple, Lodge Room

Elks Temple, Lounging Room

Elks Temple, Vivians Rooms

Elks Temple, Card Room

Elks Temple, Billiard Room

Farmers State Bank

Farmers National Bank, Interior

Grand Opera House and Opera House Emporium

Franklin Hotel

Freeman & McNay, Interior

George F. Beach, Interior

Harvey's Dime Store

Harvey's Dime Store

Horn Block

Students After Fire

Lowenstine & Sons Department Store

Lowenstine & Sons Department Store

Lowenstine & Sons Department Store

J. Lowenstine & Sons Department Store

Raisler's Confectionery

John H. Ross, Hardware

The Lightcap Company

Lilienthal & Szold Department Store

McGillicuddy Building

The McGill Manufacturing Company

Merchants' Hotel Block

Merchants' Hotel Block

The Messenger Office, Newspaper

Neeley's Men's Shop

Northwestern Indiana Telephone

"Uncle" Joe Marks

Old Joe Marks Building

The Parker Varnish Company

"The Pioneer" Apartments

Pioneer Apartments

Pioneer Apartments

Pioneer Apartments

Pioneer Apartment Building

Pioneer Flats

Pioneer Apartments

Pioneer Apartments

Powers, Higley & Company

Premier Theatre

Roe & Thune, Drugs, Interior

Roe & Thune, Drugs

Specht, Finney & Skinner Company

Specht, Finney & Skinner Company

Specht, Finney & Skinner

Stinchfield & Fehrman Company, Furniture and Piano

Stinchfield-Fehrman Company

Jacobs Real Estate

Valparaiso National Bank

Baptist Children's Home

Windle Block

W. G. Windle Grocery

Valparaiso Creamery

Zimmerman's Garage

Pitkin & Brooks

Specht & Sons, Grocery & Market

Valparaiso School of Piano Tuning

Sarah Porter Kinsey Memorial Home

Valpo Petroleum Corp.

Lightcap's Marathon

Home of the Valparaiso Woman's Club

Smith & Smiths Company

Lewis Bailey Milk Delivery

Millers Mart


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