History of Village of McCoolA brief history of McCool . . . .

We recently got together with Norm Samuelson and Don Crizer to get their rememberings of living in the village of McCool. Very interesting! McCool became a village because of the railroads coming through the township. To the best of Norm’s recollection the railroad built some houses for their employees and only one company house remains today. It is located on the east side of McCool Road south of the railroad. There is only one railroad now and the E. J. & E was abandoned and is now the Prairie Duneland Trail.

Just south of the railroads (B. & O. and E. J. & E.) on the west of the road in the 1920’s was Culbertson’s Grocery and post office. Behind the store was a grain elevator. In 1900, there was a terra cotta building on the east side of the road where the post office was and Joe Robbins was the postmaster. There was a robbery by men on horseback there in the early 1900’s.

The house at 2528 McCool Road, where Madelyn and Chuck Lorenz now live, was where Norm and his siblings grew up. Madelyn Samuelson Lorenz, Evelyn Samuelson Hamstrom and Richard Samuelson were all born in that house.

Norm’s mother and father built the house across the street when they were first married. It was built with money Mrs. Samuelson received when she quit her job at Montgomery Wards. They rented it out.

The house just south of Norm’s family home, now occupied by Dick and Sharon Samuelson, was originally built for Norm’s mother in the 1950’s. The house just north of 2528 McCool Road was the Wyant house and is now occupied by Ken Lorenz.

North of the railroad, next door to the present Jones elementary school was the McCool grade school and is now a private residence. Next to the old grade school is a red brick house built by Don Crizer in 1947. The next house south was the Crizer family home where Imogene Crizer and her husband, Willard Newcom, resided until their deaths.

Many residents of McCool Road worked on the railroad. Norm Samuelson’s father William and Don Crizer’s father, Daucy Crizer Sr. both worked for the railroad. Mr. Litchfield who owned Litchfield grocery also worked for the railroad. The Litchfield Grocery was on the east side of McCool between the two railroads from early 1920’s to the 1940’s.

Compiled by Lois Mollick, August 2006


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