Valparaiso High School AlumniAlumni of Valparaiso High School, 1874-1914 . . . .

The following list of individuals was transcribed from the 1915 Valparaiso High School year book, which was the first annual published by the high school. This first volume of the annual was titled "The Tubican." There is considerable genealogical information in the alumni list, as it contains marriages, occupation, and place of residence of each individual in 1915. Note that those individuals listed with a “*” symbol next to their name were deceased at the time the list was compiled in 1915. The full source citation for this annual is as follows:

Marston, Fred (editor). 1915. The Tubican (Annual of Valparaiso High School). Valparaiso, Indiana: Class of Nineteen Hundred and Fifteen. 88 p.

The information contained herein has been transcribed exactly as it appears in the source document.

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EACH year the graduating class tries to publish in its annual all important changes in the record of graduates of the V. H. S. The Class of 1915 voted to publish this year a complete Alumni roll. If any errors have occurred we hope that they will be kindly overlooked because the list of graduates is now a long one and the members are so widely scattered that it is a difficult task to locate every one. The Class of 1915 is the fortieth class to be graduated and adds twenty-seven to the nearly six hundred graduates of the V. H. S.

Rebecca Bartholomew, married A. L. Listenberger, South Bend, Indiana.
Anna R. Skinner, married A. L. Kellogg, machinist, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Grace Bell, married *James McFetrich, Valparaiso, Indiana.

S. S. McClure, publisher,
New York, N. Y.
*Nettie Kellogg.
Rachel Wilson, married E. F. Van Ness, electrician, Valparaiso, Indiana.
*Hubert Bryant.
Jessie Smith, married James A. Burhans, lawyer, Chicago, Illinois.
T. M. McClelland, contractor, Chicago, Illinois.
A. J. Louderback, cashier Valparaiso National Bank, married Tillie Swenhart, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Ina E. Bell, married F. Andrews, Oregon City, Oregon.
C. W. Winslow, banker, married Estella Williams, Pitkin, Colorado.
Theron H. Bell, P. O. Inspector, married Minne Brakeman, Washington, D. C.
*Hall Bates.
*J. Hansford Skinner, married *Sadie Love.
Marie S. Porter, married *Edward Salisbury, Titysville, Pa.


*Frank P. Jones, married *Mary Bennet.
Lizzie Babcock, married Wm. Foster, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Clara Stephens, married *M. L. DeMotte, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Alice Ball, bookkeeper, New York, N. Y.
Lillian A. Park, married Wm. Huntington, music dealer, Valparaiso, Indiana,

Ella Axe, married Philip Miller, Cleveland, Ohio.

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1878 [continued]
Alice Letherman, married *A. A. Dalrymple, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Hattie Merrifield, married B. Bernard, Joliet, Illinois.
*Louise DeMotte, married L. L. Letherman, P. O. Inspector, Boston, Mass.
Lulu Smith, married *0. H. Brooke, clerk of City Schools, Valparaiso, Indiana.
*Eva Seymour.

*Cashie Abel.
Susie Skinner, married Harry Simms, California Fruit Inspector, Ogden, Utah.
Genevieve Cass, married Norman Hagin, Arkansas City, Kansas.

Lucian Oakes, manufacturer, married Minnie Bryan, Tipton, Indiana.
*Lizzie Kellogg.
*Eva M. Stephens, married S. L. Finney, merchant, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Susie M. Hogan, married *Raymond Patterson, Washington, D. C.
*Dora Merrifield.
Estella M. Jeffrey, married W. H. Gardner, banker, Valparaiso, Indiana.
*Effie Abel.
Minnie M. Winslow, married S. L. Finney, merchant, Valparaiso, Indiana.

Estella Nickell, married Floyd Carr, Lincoln, Neb.
Eflie Rowe, married *Edward Earle, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Eugenia Rodgers, married Perry Sames, police force, Kansas City, Mo.
F. A. Forbes, florist, married Mary M. McMasters, Plymouth, Indiana.
Emma Wilson, married Chas. McKeehan, Asst. Supt. Penna. R. R., Ft. Wayne, Ind.
Bertha E. Smith, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Ida Winslow, married Harry Pagin, farmer, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Ella Jeffrey, stenographer, Chicago, Illinois.

*Mamie Riley.
Rose Schnewind, married Jonas Wohlegemuth, Lima, Ohio.
*Lilly Ray, married Charles W. Gray, Corning, Iowa.
Jennie Letherman, married Lincoln Brooke, lawyer, Chicago Illinois.
*Ella Hiser, married Charles Kirkpatrick, postal clerk, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Maud McKeehan, married Wm. Johnston, Valparaiso, Indiana.
*Lena Pierce.
Jennie Hawkins, married F. N. Arvin, broker, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Jessie Herr, Benton Harbor, Michigan.

Guerdon Bartholomew, manager Lowenstine's book department, married Jennie Salisbury, Valparaiso, Ind.
Helen Spalding, married M. M. Mudge, photographer, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Bell Kellogg, married Win. Schnieder, Tacoma, Washington.
Harvey Lantz, professor of law, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington.
Martha Kellogg, married F. H. Darst, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Maude Skinner, married H. M. Evans, banker, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Jennie Salisbury, married Guerdon Bartholomew, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Mamie Marsh, Trinidad, Colorado.

Grace Jones, married *Edward Wilson, Ames, Iowa.
Minnie Elam, married E. L. Langley, artist, San Francisco, California.
Hilen Wilson, married Lillian Lewis, Valparaiso, Indiana.
*Charles Ball.
*Estella Winslow, married Edwin Green, Chesterton, Indiana.
Oslow Ross, married Emma Rhodes, Joliet, Illinois.
Emma Jones, stenographer, Chicago, Illinois.
Emma Hixon, married E. G. Cites, farmer, Wanatah, Indiana.
Dehlia Best, married F. Guston, Chicago, Illinois.
Lizzie Stephens, married Wm. Finney, farmer, Canton, Miss.
Retta Steward, married Edward Black, farmer, Lowell, Indiana.
Alive Younglove, married John Brooke, real estate, Chicago, Illinois.
*Cecil Marsh.

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Mabel Benney, English teacher, V. H. S., Valparaiso, Indiana.
VIinnie Hunt, married Wm. Wiesler, dentist, Cedarburg, Wisconsin.
Mary Furness, married Thomas Young, Guanajuato, Mexico.
Myron Drapier, real estate and abstract, married Hattie Eason, Valparaiso, Ind.
Nettie Bryant, married Charles Applegate, farmer, Hebron, Indiana.
Bonnie Osborne, married F. B. Parks, lawyer, Valparaiso, Indiana.

Nannie Hinkle, Tallahassee, Florida.
Kate Carver, Languages, Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, Indiana.
George Beach, jeweler, Valparaiso, Indiana.
E. Guy Osborne, lawyer, married Dortha Lewis, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Maude Wells, married A. W. Sprague, grocer, Hammond, Indiana.
*Laura Jones.
*Gertrude Bartholomew.
Estella Diefenbach, principal, Columbia School, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Frank Winslow, postal clerk, married Maud McMasters, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Lily Ball, Valparaiso, Indiana.
John Stoner, furniture dealer, married Mittie Dewees, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Charles Johnston, doctor, married Irene Eyanson, Chesterton, Indiana.
Blanche Stoddard, married S. Spencer, Chicago, Illinois.

Ida Ketchell, married James Pomeroy, electrician, Los Angeles, California.
Bessie Felton, married Charles Jeffrey, banker, Chesterton, Indiana.
Mary Childs, stenographer, Chicago, Illinois.
Estella M. Warner, married W. C. Abley, doctor, Madison, Wisconsin.
Carrie Letherman, married Arthur Andrews, Detroit, Michigan.
Ruby Miller, photographer, Dixon, Illinois.

Arthur A. Hughart, Supt. City Schools, married Grace Louderback, Coffeyville, Kansas.
Gertrude Mikels, married Horace Ogden.
Abbie Cowley, Chicago, Illinois.
Goldie Benney, postal clerk, married Ada Reis, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Eva Bell Baum, married B. F. Smith, deputy postmaster, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Stephen McCallum, clerk, Everett, Washington.
Anna Evans, married H. E. Marconette, traveling salesman, Portsmouth, Ohio.
*Wallace Volke.
Edward Love, contractor, married Hosic Linville, Raton, New Mexico.
Edith Woodhull, married Herbert Bell, Hammond, Indiana.
Elizabeth Dodd, married Charles Shultz, florist, May Fair, Illinois.

*Jessie A. Love.
Mark L. Dickover, bank teller, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Mary L. Binnamon, married *A. Zimmerman, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Bertha Dolson, stenographer, Chicago, Illinois.

*Albert Brooke.
Jesse Bowman, machinist, married Loah Stanley, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Jennie Dille, married C. Barrett, merchant, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Althea L. Winslow, married Theodore Jesse, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Lola T. Clevenger, married Ed. Louderback, grocer, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Kate E. Gregory, married T. Billings, contractor, Medford, Oregon.
Margaret Bartholomew, Valparaiso, Indiana.
*Ella Finney, married F. Ketchum.
Mabel Banta, married C. J. Rannels, civil engineer, Parkersburg, W. Va.
Grace Drapier, married W. E. Clay, doctor, Mt. Carroll, Illinois.
*Ruth Talbott, married A. A. Hughart.
Minnie F. Beach, married Arthur Christy, postal clerk, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Susan Cole, teacher, Humansville, Mo.
Cora Sharpe, married Paris Renshaw, Challis, Idaho.
Flora Bronson, married A. H. Johnston, Chicago, Illinois.

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1891 [continued]
Charles Dresser, married Elizabeth Hallenbeck, Chicago, Illinois.

Elenor Brown, married John Markham, Independence, Wisconsin.
Mattie Dille, married Ransom Conover, farmer, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Emma L. Dickinson, married Robert Storm, Brookings, S. Dakota.
*Lucy LaForce, married Fabian Sederberg, Chesterton, Indiana.
*Emily Philley.
John O. LePell, furniture dealer, married Hattie LeClaire, Valparaiso, Indiana.
*Sarah E. Binnamon, married S. M. Upstill.
Bertha Drawns, married Robert Ewing, bookkeeper V. U., Valparaiso, Indiana.
May L. Ingram, married M. C. Wiley, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Nettie Dowdell, married A. A. Williams, mathematics teacher, V. U., Valparaiso, Indiana.
Pearl Miller, teacher Gardner School, Valparaiso, Indiana.
*M. Bell Hatten.
Rodney Kitchen, lawyer, married Adelaide Daly, Richland, Oregon.

Nellie Meader, married Ross Linn, Woodward, Oklahoma.
J. Edward Howard, Hotel Grant, San Diego, California.
Maude Casbon, married M. R. Dayton, Holton, Michigan.
Daisy Dickover, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Lillie B. Moffitt, married Wm. Kenworthy, farmer, Crown Point, Indiana.
Sedwith Unruh, married Grace Dye, salesman, St. Louis, Mo.
Thomas Howard, St. Louis Box Manufacturing Plant, married Lulu Trudell, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Beth Benney, married Bert Ellis, postal clerk, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Josie Traver, married John Dinwiddie, dentist, Lowell, Indiana.
*Pearl A. Fulton, married Arden Hay, grain dealer, Union Mills, Indiana.
Charles Foster, contractor and lumber dealer, married Carrie Skinner, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Gerald Stoner, doctor, married Laura Stoddard, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Clarice Schnewind, married Max Michaels, merchant, Lima, Ohio.
Gerald Bartholomew, married Margaret Patten, farmer, Kouts, Indiana.
Mary E. Bronson, Chicago, Illinois.
Mary Traver, married E. M. Sarber, Portland, Oregon.
George B. Bartholomew, farmer, Kouts, Indiana.
Gordon Reynolds, farmer, married Grace Drago, Valparaiso, Indiana.

Letta Landis, married Chas. E. Weaver, Prof. of Geology, University of Washington, Seattle, Wash.
Ethel Stratton, Newton Iowa, married Fred Lunger Kennedy, lawyer.
Fred Culvern, lawyer, Nashville, North Carolina.
Mamie Louderback, stenographer, Valparaiso, Indiana.
*Florence Kimerer.
*Margaret McGregor, married R. Lytle, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Harry Bonfield, Chicago, Illinois.
Martha McLellan, married G. M. Dodge, Pres. School of Telegraphy, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Anna Dorsey, teacher, Plymouth, Indiana.
Miriam Commerford, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Lida Mae Axe, married *M. E. Bogarte, Valpraiso, Indiana.
Rose Drago, married Loring Pierce, lumber dealer, Hobart, Indiana.
Ada O. Young, married F. P. Howlett, purchasing agent Dodge Mfg. Co., South Bend, Indiana.
Florence Van Trees, married C. W. Soule, salesman, Crestline, Ohio.

*Mabel Sturgeon.
Rebecca Schnewind, married Carson Dolzelle, Lima, Ohio.
Lester Spooner, traveling salesman, married Estella Leonard, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Emma Wilson, married Ross Crisman, farmer, Wheeler, Indiana.
Ina Bowman, married Albert Zimmerman, Valparaiso, Indiana.

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1895 [continued]
Fred Fitzwilliams, Messenger office, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Bess Finney, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Grace Louderback, married A. A. Hughart, Coffeyville, Kansas.
Estella Lewis, married L. M. Ray, merchant, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.
Jennie Moffit, married Michael Foreman, Hobart, Indiana.
Violet McGee, married Perry Udell, Decatur, Michigan.

Fred McCallum, dentist, married Edna Tucker, South Bend, Indiana.
Grace Pocock, married O. M. Miller, Galveston, Indiana.
Lillian Perry, married Wm. Robinson, merchant, Los Angeles, California.
Charles Reynolds, married Clara Leetz, accountant, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Donald Stratton, secretary Delos, Hull and Coal Co., married Bessie Moyer, Oak Park, Illinois.
Guy Stinchfleld, county surveyor, married Bertha Zimmerman, Valparaiso, Indiana.
John Allen, Toronto, Canada.
Bert Arvin, grocer, married Gertrude Miller, Spokane, Washington.
Frank Burke, Central Fire and Steel Co., married Alice Nielson, Chicago, Illinois.
Roy Bartholomew, dentist, married Louise Banister, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Grace Flocker, Whiting, Indiana.
Pearl Keene, married E. E. Wright, principal of school, Kouts, Indiana.
*Grace Landis, married W. H. Wells, lawyer, Arapaho, Oklahoma.
*Alice McNay, married Fred Hollet, Chillicothe, Missouri.
Herman Miller, mason, married Sadie Sweney, Valparaiso, Indiana.

Kate Stoddard, married G. R. Jones, dentist, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Florence Shupp, married Roy Ross, automobile -salesman, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Harry Turner, Pullman Co., Chicago, IIlinois.
Paul Welty, married Elizabeth Hernley, Los Angeles, Cal.
Florence German, teacher, Leipsic, Ohio.
Wallace Philley, secretary and manager Benson Music Co., Chicago, Illinois.
Wayne Lewis, lawyer, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Jessie Forney, married Albert Swanson, Chesterton, Indiana.
May Deshler, married *Taylor Fenton, Valparaiso, Ind.
Reid Bennett, married Ethel Merrill, Telephone Co., Chicago, Illinois.
Joe Bartholomew, lawyer, married Ada Roessler, Valparaiso, Ind.
Maud Longshore, married Wm. Warren, New York, N. Y.
Florence Stoddard, married Roy Wheeler, Lincoln Highway Garage, Valparaiso, Indiana.
William Turner, Lowenstine's decorator, married Estella Hubley, Valparaiso, Indiana.

C. Theo. Turner, Pullman Shops, Chicago, Illinois.
Edna B. Forney, teacher Central School, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Kittle Shedd, commercial teacher, Minneapolis, Minn.
Myron Brown, draftsman, married Gladys DeHeart, Chicago, Illinois.
Elliot C. Ray, transfer clerk G. T. R. R., married Pearl Lynn, Port Huron, Michigan.
M. Thomas Harrold, married Alice Swartz, Chicago, Illinois.
Edward Marquart, Lieut. Commander Navy, U. S. A.
Louise Winslow, married Chas. Davlin, Alamosa, Colorado.
Edith Sigler, Wheeler, Indiana.
Bertie Griswold, married A. M. Andrews, Shawano, Wisconsin.
Kathryn Lewis, teacher, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
Freeman Hollett, married Florence McCuen, Francisville, Ind.
Ross Woodhull, ice cream dealer, Chicago, Illinois.
Mabel McConahy, married Clinton Nixon, dentist, Valparaiso, Indiana.

Owen Crumpacker, lawyer, Valparaiso, Indiana.
*Susie May Pierce.

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1899 [continued]

Fred Crumpacker, lawyer, married Mary Windle, Hammond, Indiana.
Harry Finney, lawyer for Sears, Roebuck & Co., Seattle, Washington.
Earl Herrick, assistant bank cashier, married Blanche Burkett, Glenwood, Iowa.
Frank McGillicuddy, contractor, Chicago, Illinois.
Sadie Sweney, married Herman Miller, mason, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Bess Stinchfield, teacher, Helena, Montana.
Mae Thatcher, married Arthur Cowdry, Valparaiso, Indiana.
*Mayme Williams.
Cora Bowers, married E. H. Powell, doctor, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Hattie Baum, married J. P. Johnson, Chicago, Illinois.
*Anna Bruhn.
Frances Cooley, married Edward Whitehead, G. T. R. R., Valparaiso, Indiana.
Vernon Philley, P. 0., married Bessie Denton, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Bessie Talcott, married S. S. Worthely, merchant, San Diego, California.
James Teats, farmer, married Lillie G. Wilkinson, Elk City, Kansas.
Fred Talcott, laundry, married Ina Rupe, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Leta Wood, married Fred Crumpacker, Trinidad, Colorado.
Halbert Merrifield, bookkeeper, St. Joe, Michigan.

Roy Smith, traveling salesman, married Charlotte L. Scheurs, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Lily Dorsey, teacher, Porter county.
Lewis Payne, Telephone Co., married Effa Smith, Maywood, Ill.
Gordon Stoner, Prof. of Law, married Margaret McLauchlan, Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Charles Halladay, electrician, married Carrie Szone, Chicago, Illinois.
Gertrude Fisher, married Brent Jacobs, Cleveland, Ohio.
Pearl Longdorf, married Spencer Fuller, Chicago, Illinois.
Phoebe Harbeck, married Will Noel, Jamestown, North Dakota.
Bertha Sweet, teacher Gardner School, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Lillian Miller, married Vernon Noble, Valparaiso, Indiana.
George Lee, farmer, married Laura Blake, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Effa Smith, married Lewis Payne, Maywood, Illinois.
Louis Bushore, married Elsie Maiser, Goldfield Consolidated Mining Co., Goldfield, Nevada.
Mary Cobb, teacher, Porter county.
Aaron Anderson, Buffalo, New York.
Byron Kinne, deputy county auditor, married Blanche Topper, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Alma Marine, teacher, Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Walter Talcott, Chicago, Illinois.
Walter Harrold, Superior Court reporter, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Alice McIntyre, married John Stewart, Springfield, Illinois.
Lulu McNay, married R. H. Sandy, Valparaiso, Indiana.
*Charles Lembke.
Lillian Smutzer, married W. H. Finley, lawyer, Buffalo, Missouri.
Hattie Bixby, librarian, Antigo, Wisconsin.

Clara M. Herrick, teacher, Columbia School, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Olie Welty, Latin teacher, V. H. S., Valparalso, Indiana.
John Norris, abstracter of titles, recorder's office, Chicago, Illinois.
Grace Maxwell, married Earl Groth, Peru, Indiana.
Margaret Bundy, married M. J. Rocke, lawyer, San Francisco, California.
Ralph Arnold, Ohio Brass Co., married Edith Crane, Mansfield, Ohio.
Caryl Stanton, manager N. W. Telephone Co., married Etta Stoddard, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Grace Robbins, married Frank Moran, Spokane, Washington.
John Massey, rural mail carrier, Valparaiso, Indiana.

John McGregor, R. R., Battle Creek, Michigan.

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1902 [continued]
*Hiram Cobb, civil engineer, Mexico, Mo.
Nelle Coovert, married Jerome Frakes, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Otto Durand, traveling freight agents, married Winona Beasecker, Chicago, Illinois.
Pearl Huntington, teacher, Chicago, Illinois.
Harrold Cornell, married Natalie Farr, doctor, Tri Mountain, Michigan.
Grace Osborne, married Fred Lindner, grain dealer, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Geneva Pierce, teacher, Central School, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Edith Dillingham, married Oakley Lutes, Wilkesbarre, Penna.
Bessie Schnelle, married Roy Beach, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Agnes Mae Stewart, United Presbyterian Missionary, Egypt.
Fred Snyder, electrical engineer, married Mamie Kamper, Chicago, Illinois.
Walter McGillicuddy, contractor, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Altia Coultis, Chicago, Illinois.
Pearl Dillingham, married Chas. Phares, Valparaiso, Indiana.

Edith Commerford, married Charles Fudenski, Wanatah, Indiana.
Harry Carson, married Emily Sarlls, Phoenix, Arizona.
Jennie Keding, teacher, Porter county.
Fay Nichols, married Erle Jemison, farmer, Onarga, Illinois.
Esther Mae Stephens, married Oris Green, Chicago, Illinois.
Carolyn M. Stinchfleld, teacher, Helena, Montana.
Don S. Arnold, Westinghouse Electric Co., married Matilda Westerweler, Cleveland, Ohio.
Dick Flint, bookkeeper, married Amelia Bauer, South Bend, Indiana.
Cora B. Hineline, married *John Weimer, Churches Ferry, North Dakota.
John H. Kuehl, farmer, married Ellen Sherman, Valparaiso, Indiana.
*Ruth Inez Eaton, married H. N. Leete, doctor.
Rollin Kinne, R. R. office, married Mayme Malone, Chicago, Illinois.

Auretta Agnew, married Bruce Middlebrook, Indianapolis, Ind.
Jennie Baum, married W. F. Gaskins, musical director, Corvallis, Oregon.
Rudolph Bartholomew, Instructor in medical department, University of Michigan, married Eva A. Salstrom, Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Ethel Ann Gardner, bookkeeper, Lighting Co., Valparaiso, Ind.
Arthur Hall, dentist, married Hattie B. Turner, Michigan City, Indiana.
Leigh Lawrence, married Iva Holmes, Chicago, Illinois.
*Gordon Norris, married Mable Johnstone.
Ross Brown, married Sarah Hermance, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Arthur Louderback, married Eleanor Harrison, farmer, Polacios, Texas.
Carl Sweney, married Mary McFarlin, White Bear Lake, Minnesota.
Bruce Jones, civil engineer, married Agnes Harris, Chicago, Illinois.
Flora Cobb, married E. W. Smith, superintendent of schools, Punta Gorda, Florida.

Ada Roessler, married Joe Bartholomew, lawyer, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Cleve Stalbaum, married Hazel White, Michigan City, Indiana.
Alice Talcott, San Diego, California.
Martha Bently, Stewart, Nebraska.
Bessie V. Clifford, married A. O. Dobbins, doctor, Wheeler, Indiana.
Zada Carr, librarian, Alexandria, Indiana.
Mary Conrick, Wheeler, Indiana.
Kathryn Lederer, married Deforest Davis, doctor, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Ray Lawrence, clerk Michell Bro., Valparaiso, Indiana.
George R. McNay, surveyor, married Inez Gray, Chicago, Illinois.
Kacid Lawrence, teacher, Indiana Harbor, Indiana.

Floyd Sieb, Specht-Finney Co., Valparaiso, Indiana.
Neil Arvin, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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1906 [continued]
Anna Comstock, teacher, Buffalo Center, Iowa.
Harry Doege, Chicago, Illinois.
Annadel Kellogg, stenographer, Dodge's Institute of Telegraphy, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Ida P. Thatcher, married Flores Spero, Gary, Indiana.
Ethel Burkhart, married C. A. Leker, San German, Porto Rico.
Jane Dalrymple, married Rev. James Mordy, Richland Center, Wisconsin.
DeForest Evans, married Grace Glover, Chattanooga, Tennessee.
Judith Lindwall, teacher, Porter county.
Clara Crosby, teacher, Gardner School, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Gordon J. Durand, Freight Claim Investigator, Muskogee, Oklahoma.
Irving Jones, St. Anthony, Idaho.
Mabel I. Smith, married A. R. Palmer, Fort Wayne, Indiana.
Mabel F. Ray, stenographer, Chicago, Illinois.
Marie Benedick, married Arthur Padduck, Huntington, Indiana.
Leon Harrington, Standard Oil Company, South Bend, Indiana.
Clara Marquart, married E. H. Butler, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Bertha Tofte, teacher, Hebron, Indiana.
Verna Duggan, married John Earle, Chattanooga, Tennessee.
Grace Leonard, married F. R. Marine, lawyer, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Uree Miller, teacher, Elkhart, Indiana.
Abbie Duggan, married Ernest Lay, LaPorte, Indiana.
*Eugene Eaton.
F. Ray Marine, lawyer, married Grace Leonard, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Harry Stepple, postoffice, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Freda Bruns, teacher, Central School, Valparaiso, Indiana.

Ella Vincent, teacher, Gardner School, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Leslie Lembke, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Helen Pagin, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Grace Warchus, married C. D. Harding, bridge carpenter G. T. R. R., Battle Creek, Michigan.
John Earle, married Verna Duggan, Chattanooga, Tennessee.
Eva Wheeler, teacher, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Edna Summer, teacher, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Phoebe Hess, married J. Fidholm, Kouts, Indiana.
Cartha Card, married Wm. Ludetke, G. T. R. R., Valparaiso, Indiana.
Byron Smith, secretary Foster Lumber and Coal Co., Valparaiso, Indiana.
Carrie Whitlock, University, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Walter Kaehny, lawyer, Cleveland, Ohio.
Harrold Harrison, Reporter's Service Bureau, married Helen Miller, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Ada Sievers, teacher, Columbia School, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Dow Johnson, Engineer of Mines, Treadwell, Alaska.
Kathryn Anderson, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Andrew Case, Chicago, Illinois.
Geraldine McNiece, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Walter Fabing, lawyer, married Catherine Reagan, Valparaiso, Indiana.

Ellen Anderson, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Edna Doyle, teacher, Porter county.
Rae Heppensteel, married R. Buer, Harding, South Dakota.
Harry Doyle, dentist, Chicago, Illinois.
Blanche Fifield, married Owen Roper, Hobart, Indiana.
Gracia Green, married Wm. Zarth, farmer, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Ralph Marimon, White Rocks, Utah.
Clarence Schneider, court stenographer, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Bess Keys, married Robert McCrum, teacher, Warren, Indiana.
Mabel LaForce, married M. E. Chesebro, Gary, Indiana.
Tom Davis, farmer, Big Rapids, Michigan.
Hazel McNay, stenographer, G. & I. station, Gary, Indiana.
Janet Prentice, married Clarence Meinger, engineer, Marion, Ohio.
Mable Lippman, married Paul Nuppnau Jr., Valparaiso, Ind.
Glen Kinne, teacher, Crisman, Indiana.

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1908 [continued]
Marguerite Tofte, teacher, East Chicago, Illinois.
Ben Schenck, married Clara Beach, Gary, Indiana.
Elizabeth Vanouse, clerk, Chicago, Illinois.
Mary Turner, married Robert Bogarte, Gary, Indiana.
Dolly Hershman, Tefft, Indiana.
Lee Nelson, city clerk, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Isa Trough, Bartlesville, Oklahoma.
Dema Timmons, Science teacher, V. H. S., Valparaiso, Indiana.
Neil Funk, doctor, Chicago, Illinois.
*Fern Miller.

Hazel Bundy, married A. V. Johnson, operator, Chicago, Illinois.
Alice Cornell, teacher, Brookston, Indiana.
*Nancy Johnson, married Wm. Votau.
Bernice Reynolds, teacher, Central School, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Corine Blount, teacher, Corvallis, Oregon.
Mary Houlehan, teacher, Crawfordsville, Indiana.
Zella Landis, married H. V. Johnsen, Waterloo, Iowa.
Vera Sieb, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Finette Bartholomew, married J. C. Linsbeck, Gary, Indiana.
William Johnston, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Edith Marimon, married Charles DeMoisy, White Rocks, Utah.
Wallace Wilson, Wilson Lumber and Coal Co., married Helen Hoffman, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Dorothy Letherman, assistant librarian, Gary, Indiana.
Katherine Daly, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Lloyd Foster, Velie Automobile Co., Moline, Illinois.
Rose Detleff, teacher, Chicago, Illinois.
Helen Hoffman, married Wallace Wilson, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Simon Shinabarger, mason, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Grace Dillingham, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Laura Nuppnau, bookkeeper N. W. Telephone Co., Valparaiso, Indiana.
Margaret Campbell, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Claude Beach, plumber, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Flora Lembke, stenographer, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Alice Pearce, married Theo. Purdy, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Agnes Huntington, married Grovel Henry, Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado.
Alta Whitzman, married C. Wightman, Waterloo, Iowa.
Rebecca Bartholomew, domestic science teacher, Manhattan, Kansas.
Pearl Stoner, teacher, Columbia School, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Lena Take, University, Valparaiso, Indiana.

Dorothy Arvin, married Walter Hooker, banker, Blanchard, Iowa.
Beulah Boyer, University, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Mary Boyer, University, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Mabel Brummitt, teacher, Porter county.
Harwood Earle, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Mary Finn, married L. C. Henderlong, farmer, Tefft, Indiana.
Mabel Fishburn, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Floyd Foster, fruit dealer, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Maude Green, married Nelson Fields, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Charles Hahnkamp, Miller, Indiana.
Charlotte Kaehny, married H. O. Seipel, doctor, Chicago, Illinois.
Berniece Krieger, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Eda Lawrence, teacher, LaPorte, Indiana.
Percy Lawrence, Crescent Manufacturing Co., Valparaiso, Indiana.
Minnie Lemster, married J. G. Perry, Stock Yards, Chicago, Illinois.
Ninah Mann, teacher, Goodland, Indiana.
Leeta McCue, married Oscar Orr, Bartlesville, Oklahoma.
Ella McGillicuddy, teacher, Maywood, Illinois.
James McNiece, University, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Grace Moore, teacher, Porter county.
Eric Payne, business manager Kroll and Co., married Florence Patrick, Chicago, Illinois.
Harry Ritter, Fortress Monroe, Virginia.

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1910 [continued]
Jessie Ray, married Niles Biggs, farmer, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Louise Richards, married Berlyn Fishburn, Gary, Indiana.
Cora Smith, married Cornell Morrow, Girard, Ohio.
Katherine Sullivan, married Edward Burns, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Gertrude Trough, Bartlesville, Oklahoma.
Agnes Winneguth, married Emo Sielos, Chicago, Illinois.

Daisy Bennett, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Jennie Brown, Valparaiso University.
Mariola Cornell, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Dorothy DeWitt, teacher, Washington Township High School.
Russell Doty, Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois.
Aubrey Dye, married Clara Bryant, Gem Cafe, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Ruth Evans, Lake Forest College, Lake Forest, Illinois.
Reginald Felton, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Byron Findling, tinner, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Ross Foster, farmer, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Edward Johnston, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Laura King, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Mildred Loring, married Walter Fitch, San Francisco, California.
Grace Mains, University, Champaign, Illinois.
Elsie Marquardt, married S. H. Musick, Government employee, Manila.
Martha Nuppnau, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Margaret Pierce, teacher, Blanchard, Iowa.
Ethel Rands, teacher, Porter county.
Nellie Shinabarger, teacher, Porter county.
Melvin Stinchfleld, Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana.
Mildred Stoner, Valparaiso, Indiana.
William Strahl, Gary, Indiana.
Kenneth Wolf, Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana.
Myron Conover, secretary Conover Construction Co., Valparaiso, Indiana.

Adeline L. Amstutz, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Genevieve Brigg, DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana.
Nellie Bruns, teacher, Porter county.
Simon J. Bushore, farmer, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Frank M. Clifford, lawyer, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Grace M. Chartier, Vidette office, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Ernest M. Bick, jewelry salesman, New York, N. Y.
Hazel Mae DeWitt, stenographer, G. & I. Station, Gary, Indiana.
Ray L. Dean, plumber, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Frank B. Fabing, lawyer, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Gertrude E. Fabing, teacher, Chicago, Illinois.
Minnie R. Homfeld, teacher, Porter county.
Marguerite L. Lembke, University, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Rubie L. Mudge, married Thomas Jeffries, Gary, Indiana.
Lillian Jungjohan, teacher, Columbia School, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Glen Heard, University, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Ralph O. Parks, University, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Harrison B. Steward, University, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Florence Van Ness, Valparaiso, Indiana.

Bernice Barnes, University, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Alla Bartholomew, University, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Marguerite Bennett, Lowenstine's, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Margaret Briggs, DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana.
Leila Bundy, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Elizabeth Bushore, University, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Geneva Hazel Cobb, teacher, Porter county.
Louisa Cox, teacher, Starke county, Indiana.
Tom Corboy, University, Bloomington, Indiana.

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1912 [continued]
Wade E. Crumpacker, University, Valparaiso, Indiana.
J. Willis Detlef, farmer, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Maurice Ellis, University, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Helen G. Fehrman, stenographer, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Anna Finn, Tefft, Indiana.
Mabel M. Green, assistant librarian, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Amanda Gruenert, teacher and student, University, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Raymond Harris, farmer, Valparaiso, Indiana.
William S. Jones, deputy county clerk, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Hazel Keeler, Specht-Finney Co., Valparaiso, Indiana.
Martha A. Keene, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Ruth Kellogg, stenographer, McFetrich Co., Valparaiso, Indiana.
Henry R. Martin, Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana.
J. Holmes Martin, Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana.
Wayne A. McDaniel, Illinois Steel Co., Gary, Indiana.
Marie McNay, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Helen H. Neet, University, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Arthur M. Nolan, G. T. R. R., Valparaiso, Indiana.
Lillian Rymer, clerk, Huntington, West Virginia.
Louise Roessler, University, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Gretchen Small, Valparaiso, Indiana.
LeRoy H. Smith, G. & I. station, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Louise Sprencil, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Marie Timmons, University, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Irene A. Vanouse, Hamlin College, St. Paul, Minnesota.
*Kenneth Wade.
Blanche Williamson, stenographer, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Earl Wilson, clerk, Lewiston, Montana.
Bernice Wolfe, teacher, Columbia School, Valparaiso, Indiana.

Minnie Bruns, teacher, Porter county.
Joseph Bradley, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Leslie Casbon, farmer, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Bennett Clifford, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Jeanette, Barnes, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Annetta Collins, University, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Ruth Cornish, University, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Garrett Conover, mail service, Grand Rapids and Indiana R. R.
Edna Curtiss, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Velma Daggett, stenographer, Chautauqua Co., Valparaiso, Indiana.
James Keliher, insurance agent, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Owen Kenworthy, farmer, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Pearl LaForce, Missionary Training School, Chicago, Illinois.
Ruth Lounderback, assistant librarian,
Valparaiso, Indiana.
Kate Longshore, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Edith Jones, University, Bloomington, Indiana.
Mary McCue, bookkeeper, Garden City, Kansas.
Carrie Mead, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Orval Mains, University, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Blanche Rectenwall, University, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Zola Stroup, University, Valparaiso, Indiana.
*Martha Stoner.
Walter Lloyd, Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana.
Gladys Snyder, University, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Harold Shaw, University, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Edith Weems, University, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Alma Welch, University, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Garland Windle, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Ruby Young, University, Valparaiso, Indiana.
Margaret Zimmerman, bookkeeper, Valparaiso, Indiana.


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