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The Tassinong Cemetery was located at Tassinong in Morgan Township (southeast quarter of the southeast quarter of Section 31). Only one burial is known to exist in the cemetery: Mrs. Hall, who was supposedly buried at Tassinong after her death on December 28, 1881. The exact location of the cemetery is unknown.

Death notice of Mrs. Hall as reported in the Porter County Vidette on January 5, 1882 (Volume 26, Number 1, Page 5, Column 1):

        Mrs. Hall, of Tassinong, died at her home in that place on
        the 28th ult. Her remains were interred in the Tassinong

Tassinong was one of the first small villages in Porter County, which is believed to have been the location of a French trading post and Indian village. The village was located in the extreme southern portion of Morgan Township.

Ball writes of Tassinong that "At some time and by some one, when and by whom no record has been found, some woodland in what became Morgan township was named Tassinong Grove. The early settlers in 1834 seem to have found the name already there, the Indians claiming that it was old then. It has been conjectured that the French once had there a trading post, but no real evidence seems to have been found. The name for us is prehistoric, as it was found there by the pioneers. But old as is the name for the locality, the village that the white settlers established was not among the earliest business centers. No record of a store is found till about 1846. The earlier merchants were Harper, Stoddard, their buildings made of logs, Unmgh [probably should be Unruh], Eaton, McCarthy, and Rinker & Wright. In 1852 there were two stores, two blacksmith shops, a carpenter's shop, a tavern, and some shoe-makers' shops. About 1855 a church building was erected. The organization was Prebyterian. The postoffice dates from 1840. After the railroad life commenced and Kouts as a station and town was established, Tassinong as a village declined. It can scarcely be called a village now, though its life has been quite different from its early sisters, Waverly and City West."

Contrary to Ball's statement above, a post office began operation in Tassinong on April 10, 1838, with John Jones appointed as postmaster. The post office's name was officially changed to Tassinong Grove on December 29, 1845, and remained operation under that name until June 29, 1869, when it reverted back to simply Tassinong. The post office ceased operation in Tassinong on June 30, 1903, with service transferred to Valparaiso. Early postmasters of Tassinong include Edwin C. Abbott (1845-1848), Alonzo Whitcomb (1848), Jesse Spencer (1848-1854), Peter C. Bonham (1854), William C. Eaton (1854-1855), John W. Wright (1855-1862), Franklin Atkins (1862-1863), William Stoddard (1863-1866), John C. Earhart (1866-1869), Sylvester Pierce (1869-1875), and Calvin Bowman beginning his service in 1885.

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HALL, (female)
Death: January 28, 1882
Note: died at home

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