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The Paine Cemetery was located in southeast quarter of Section 34, west of 500 East and north of 600 North. Note that plat maps fail to denote a cemetery in this location. The cemetery was named in honor of Asahel K. Paine, on whose farm the cemetery was located. Paine settled in Jackson Township in 1833. It is possible that the cemetery was also referred to as the Coburg Cemetery.

The Jackson Township Cemetery Index published by the Northwest Indiana Genealogical Society in 1997 reports that "The present owner has never found any stones although 3 acres were set aside for the cemetery. The stones might have been moved to Westville Cemetery." It is possible that when the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad was constructed through Paine's farm in 1873 and 1874 that burials in this cemetery were disinterred and place elsewhere or obliterated.

Asahel K. Paine and his wife are known to be buried in the Westville Cemeter

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