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The Cole Cemetery no longer exists. The cemetery was located on the southwest quarter of Section 19, west of the Old 49 Highway. The cemetery was situated on a hill just behind the Cole family farm, now occupied by the Liberty Bible Church. After the death of Sally (Dillingham) Cole, the Cole farm was sold and then resold to I. M. Biggs around 1900.

The Biggs family requested that the graves be moved from the site, which the Cole family agreed to do since they feared that the tombstones would be removed and the graves plowed over and obliterated. The graves and tombstones of four Cole family members buried in the cemetery were disinterred and moved to the Adams Cemetery in Morgan Township, where Sally (Dillingham) Cole's son had a family plot. Note that there was an old Indian burial ground located adjacent to the Cole Cemetery.

Thanks to J. Timothy Cole of Chesterton, Indiana, for providing information regarding the Cole Cemetery.

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COLE, Andrew Jackson
Birth: 1841
Death: 4 - 4 - 1863
Notes: Civil War, Company E 73rd Regiment Indiana Infantry. Died from fever contracted during Civil War service.
Removed to Adams Cemetery in Morgan Township, Porter County, Indiana

COLE, Edward Payne
Birth: 4 - 22 - 1807
Death: 6 - 9 - 1877
Removed to Adams Cemetery in Morgan Township, Porter County, Indiana.
Obituary: SUICIDE OF Mr. E. P. COLE -- Mr. E. P. Cole, a very early settler 6 miles north of here along the road to Chesterton, where he has lived for 40 years, has had some trouble 3 or 4 years past with Mr. Johon, living near there, feeling grossly wronged but yet averse to lawing; and perhaps had other matters worrying his mind. He had in months past frequently expressed himself so tired of life as to desire to die. He wrote a letter with a pencil, dated 7th of June, which covered one large page, describing how he felt about the course of Johon in perverting and transcending their agreement as to Johon's taking fallen timber from his premises. The other side of that same sheet was partly covered with a writing dated June 8, which was supplemental to the writing of the 7th, and declared his weariness of life and preference for death. Upon another slip of writing dated June 9, he requested R. P. Jones and John P. [sic] Cole his son, to act with Mrs. Sally Cole his widow, as administrators; said he wished his widow to have all his property for life, except some notions he desired to have distributed to his grandchildren. After dinner Saturday, the 9th, he told his wife that he was going to the barn to spread some grass to dry, and so went out. Some time elapsed, and Mrs. Cole, on looking out saw cattle near the barn in mischief, and went out to drive them off. While doing this she called to Mr. Cole to come and help, but got no answer. This excited her surprise, and drew attention to the barn door, which she found fastened on the outside in a way that was unusual. She looked in and saw her husband hanging by a log chain, fastened to a pole above the threshing floor, to all appearance dead; and certainly beyond her power alone to rescue. She immediately gave alarm, and John C. Cole, and others soon arrived and took him down. They hoped he was not too far gone to be restored, and used such efforts as they could, but all in vain.
Obituary Source: Porter County Vidette, Valparaiso, Porter County, Indiana; June 14, 1877; Volume 21, Number 24, Page 3, Column 5

COLE, Giles Edward
Birth: 1844
Death: 12 - 12 - 1864
Notes: Civil War, Company E 128th Regiment Indiana Infantry. Giles was presumably buried in December 1864 in Jefferson Barracks, Missouri. Jefferson Barracks is the presumed place of burial since there is no other record of burial elsewhere. However, Lewis M. Cole found signed military records that Edward P. Cole (father), Edward Cole Osborn (cousin), and David B. Osborn (cousin) appeared in Jefferson Barracks, Missouri, to claim the effects of Giles E. Cole in January, 1865. There are two documents: a hospital record listing 1 hat, 1 blouse, 1 pair trowsers, 1 pair drawers, 1 shirt, and 1 blanket, dated Jan. 1st, 1865; and a handwritten document swearing to Edward's relationship to Giles, dated Jan. 13th, 1865 - both signed by Edward P. Cole.
Removed to Adams Cemetery in Morgan Township, Porter County, Indiana

COLE, Sally (Dillingham)
Birth: 9 - 22 - 1810
Death: 11 - 26 - 1886
Notes: 76y,2m,4d
Removed to Adams Cemetery in Morgan Township, Porter County, Indiana
Obituary: AT HOME AND ABROAD. Old Mrs. Cole died last Friday, after a very severe season of suffering resulting from eresipelas. The funeral took place from her late residence, 4 miles south of town, on the Valparaiso road. The services were conducted by Rev. Wm. West, at the Cole school house on Saturday afternoon. A large company of neighbors and friends were present. The remains were buried in the family burial plot on the Cole farm. Mr. John B. Lundburg was the funeral director.
Obituary Source: The Tribune, Chesterton, Porter County, Indiana; December 2, 1886; Volume 3, Number 45, Page 4, Number 3

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