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The Brough Cemetery, also referred to as the Five Pines Cemetery, is located in the southwest quarter of Section 3, Township 33 North, Range 7 West, about one mile northwest of Hebron. The cemetery is located on private land approximately one mile north of Indiana State Route 8, just east of County Line Road.

Both the 1876 and 1895 plat maps for Boone Township show that John B. Brough owned the land on which the cemetery is located. The 1906 plat map shows the owner of the land as being E. Brough, while the 1921 plat map shows the owner to be M. Brough. None of these four plat maps, however, show a cemetery located on the land.

John B. Brough was the son of George and Ann M. Brough and he arrived in America in 1831, moving to Indiana in 1844, and settling in Porter County in 1845. John B. Brough married Elizabeth Castleman on September 19, 1847.

According to the Boone Township cemetery index published in 1997 by the Northwest Indiana Genealogical Society, only one tombstone was found in the Brough Cemetery in 1957 -- that of James Garrison.

The Harry G. Laughlin family later owned the land surrounding the Brough Cemetery, and is was reported that several of the Laughlin family members were buried in the cemetery. According to Northwest Indiana Genealogical Society records, no Laughlin tombstone have been found in the Brough Cemetery.

It has been reported that in 1993 a small piece of footstone containing no information was found in the Brough Cemetery. The footstone was located about 25 feet east of the fence line running adjacent to County Line Road.

Interestingly, Northwest Indiana Genealogical Society records note that Lake County claims that the tombstone for James Garrison is in Lake County, arguing that County Line Road is incorrectly located; namely, that the road, as well as land at least 25 feet east of the road, is wholly situated in Lake County. Porter County, however, claims that County Line Road is in fact the boundary between Lake County and Porter County.

It is known that John B. Brough, Elizabeth (Castleman) Brough, and Marie Brough are interred in the northwest section, row 8 of the Hebron Cemetery.

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