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The Betholene Cemetery is located south of Hebron in the southeast quarter of the southeast quarter of Section 15, north of present day 900 South and directly across from the Hebron Cemetery. Today, Betholene Cemetery is considered to be a portion of the Hebron Cemetery. The 1876, 1895, 1906, and 1921 plat maps of Boone Township clearly identify the location of the Betholene Cemetery.

An article titled "The Hebron School History of Boone Township" published August 18, 1936, in The Vidette-Messenger [Volume 10, Section 3, Pages 21-23] provides the following information concerning the Betholene Cemetery:

       "Death found its way into the little community in 1837 for the
        first time when Harriet Dinwiddie, a young girl, died. The second
        death was that of Mrs. Orris Jewett, the wife of the blacksmith,
        1838. Soon after arrival here the settlers had selected a site for
        a cemetery just across the road from the present Hebron
        cemetery, but when it became necessary to dig a grave for the
        little Dinwiddie girl this location was found to be so wet that the
        grave filled with water. The site was then changed to the present
        Western part of the cemetery north of the road where the little
        girl was laid to rest."

According to Boone Township cemetery index published in 1997 by the Northwest Indiana Genealogical Society, "When the [Betholene] cemetery was started the Betholene post office was near by." The information concerning the post office is likely to be incorrect, as numerous records concerning Indiana's postal history fail to identify a post office named Betholene. It is more likely that the Betholene Cemetery was named after the Associate Reformed Presbyterian church in the area called the Associate Reformed Congregation of Bethlehem. The following is stated in an article titled "The Hebron School History of Boone Township" published August 18, 1936, in The Vidette-Messenger [Volume 10, Section 3, Pages 21-23]:

       "On the 28th day of July, 1838, a group of pioneers led by
        Samuel Turner, Thomas Dinwiddie, Berkley Oliver and the
        Rev. Mr. Hannan formed a congregation known as the Associate
        Reformed congregation of Bethlehem, later Hebron. The original
        congregation consisted of fifteen members, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel
        Turner, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dinwiddie, Mr. and Mrs. Berkley
        Oliver, Susannah Dinwiddie, Sr., Susannah Dinwiddie, Jr.,
        Margaret Dinwiddie and Eloza A. Dinwiddie. Samuel Turner and
        Thomas Dinwiddie were chosen, ordained and installed as ruling
        elders and served in that capacity until their death.

        It has been said that the congregation of Bethlehem was
        composed at its origin of poor people and was established
        during the financial panic of 1838. They met first in a small
        school house, standing where the public burying ground now is,
        in the home of Thomas Dinwiddie, and in nature's first temple,
        the grove. For the first two or three years the congregation was
        favored with occasional supplies, but being removed upon the
        frontier, a pioneer congregation, their supplies were few."

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Birth: 1832
Death: June 8, 1837
Note: daughter of Thomas and Mary Dinwiddie

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