Bates Cemetery, Boone TownshipIndex of Bates Cemetery burials . . . .

The Bates Cemetery was located in the southeast quarter of Section 3 of Township 33 North, Range 7 West, north of the Hebron. The 1876 plat map of Boone Township indicates that David Hurlburt owned the property on which the Bates Cemetery was located, while Edith Bates is shown as the owner of the property in the 1895 plat map of Boone Township.

In 1902, the Bates farm and burial ground were sold. The four known graves in the cemetery were disinterred and removed elsewhere. One of the four caskets was found to be in relatively good shape. The remaining three caskets, however, were found to be decomposed and only a few bones were found.

The names of the four individuals interred from the Bates Cemetery is unknown, as is the cemetery where the remains were reburied.

According to information published in 1997 in the Boone Township cemetery index prepared by the Northwest Indiana Genealogical Society, ". . . a wagon wheel was found there along with a wooden marker with the following burial information on it 'Pioneer Settlers in the Spring of 1855, a West Bound wagon train stricken with Scarlet fever to bury its dead.'"

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